Monday, October 7, 2013

Puppy Training

The 'Avenger' puppies scout out the 440 trail for the first time!
Photo by Katherine Keith

The 'Genius' puppies LOVE to run!
Photo by Katherine Keith
While much of the training focus is on the dogs that will be racing in the 2014 Iditarod-preparation for 2015 begins now.  These puppies are now four months old and LOVE to run and play.  

The two litters are within a week of each other.  The Avenger Puppies consist of Wonder (wonder woman), Natiri, Stark, Thor, Hawkeye, Flash, and Shadow (White Shadow).  There might have been a small bit of creative liberty taken with the names.

The Genius Puppies are called Plato, Newton, Einstein, Mozart, Currie, and Patia (short for Hypatia).

These 13 puppies have Team Baker running fast and making us very excited for 2015!

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Road Training

Road Training 10/4/13.  Photo Taken by Nick Adler

Until the snow officially sticks and the ice is thick enough to travel on-Team Baker divides training time between the road and the tundra.  Yesterday the teams ran on the road 7 miles for the first time.  Our Suzuki Mini-Truck is used to control the speed.   The gang line is attached to the front of it.  Among other benefits, this type of training teaches the dogs to pass by other distractions, such as cars, bicycles, dog walkers.  It is also great for the mushers who get to sit inside and drink coffee :-)

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Freeze Up for Team Baker

Photo of Kotzebue Sound from Dog Yard by  Nick Adler 10/1/13
As freeze up arrives in Kotzebue, Alaska, Team Baker has been gearing up for another exciting year of racing.  The dogs have been training on the tundra through out the summer and they certainly can smell the snow in the crisp air.

There are many exciting things happening this fall.  We welcome our newest handler, Nick Adler from Indiana, and are thankful for our handler from last year, Andrew Brown.  Team Baker is off to a great and strong start and look forward to updating all of you on events and training moving forward.