Saturday, March 14, 2015

Myron's Corner 3-13-15 King has the Edge – For now…

Jeff King’s move through Ruby on his way to a 24 hour rest at Galena has put him in a good position in Huslia, the halfway point of the race.  King picked up time on all other teams at Ruby because they all stoppped, then he got to Galena first and watched a number of teams go by on their way to a 24 hour break in Huslia.  Those teams found some soft trail which slowed their progress.  Today when King made the run the trail was frozen and much faster. This allowed him to pickup more time on the first teams to Huslia.
This gives King an edge for now.  His main competition comes from Aaron Burmeister, the two Seavey teams and Aily Zirkle.  Teams further back like Pete Kaiser are moving fast, but will have to shave a bunch of time somewhere.  John Baker is making a steady move and can’t be overlooked.
I suggested I would have a top three tonight but that will have to wait another day.