Monday, March 12, 2012

Monday Afternoon Update by Myron Angstman

Myron's Analysis
Dallas took his straw a little ways out of Elim and camped. Once again he will be able to see Aliy coming and maintain a lead.  Still to close to call at this point, that’s for sure. I don’t have the times yet, but when they were moving, they had similar speeds on the last run.  

Smyth and Kaiser are moving up. Smyth will be in third shortly, and a little later Kaiser will likely be in fourth. Both are strong finishers, Smyth for many years and Kaiser just a few because he is only 24 years old. John Baker knows the Kaiser team well, and said in Anchorage the team he feared most at the end was Pete Kaiser.

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  1. Hello John Baker, how are you doing tonight? My name is Shelby and I am in the 2nd grade. We are following the race and you are my team. And I am happy you are my team. Good luck, and I hope you win.