Monday, March 11, 2013

Rollercoaster! By Myron Angstman

The race has changed dramatically during this run from  Koyuk to Elim.   All my previous picks  can be disregarded. We all have been reminded   why it is foolish to handicap  a long distance  dog race. There are too many variables.   We have four teams sitting in Elim, several more close by, and the race from White Mountain  to Nome should a  doozy.    That might be spelled wrong but you  get the idea.

What appears to be happening from this distance  is there is some weakness up front,   and no one has the ability to simply stay on the trail without  stopping  from Koyuk to  White Mountain. That allowed the teams a ways back to tighten up the gap, and now we have  a bunch of teams who could win it on the last run.  Basically the fastest team  leaving White Mountain within a few miles of the first team out is likely to win, and we won’t know who that is until tomorrow.

It is likely to be the most exciting finish in years.

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