Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sunday Morning Report by Myron Angstman

Mitch Seavey will  soon be the first team into Unalakleet, followed shortly by Aaron Burmeister.    At  least two teams a few miles back on  the trail stopped for a couple hours,  and  the two front runners didn’t.  Aliy Zirkle  and Joar Ulsom each could go through   Unalakleet with just a short stop.   Because  of these staggered rest periods, it is difficult to say who has the advantage now.  There are a number of other teams within 20 miles of the lead, very close for this stage of the race.

John Baker has moved up steadily and now the tracker shows him in 12th position, his highest for the race.  Right now he is in good position for another top ten finish if all goes well.   Including his rookie year in 1996, John has finished out of the top ten four times, racing every year.  While every racer would like to win every year, all of the top contenders agree that a top ten finish is a realistic  goal for a contending team every year.

The order arriving in  Shaktoolik,  the next  check point after  Unalakleet,  will give a much clearer picture of who is still in the running.

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